First full, stable release finally achieved!

After almost three years of working on the Open Outreach project, we're delighted (and relieved) to announce the first, full stable release. It turns out that building a distribution is a daunting task, and I know that I would never have joined this project if I had any inkling at the start of how much work it would be. But, there is a sense of satisfaction when we see the groups that are able to use Open Outreach to build themselves websites with little technical skill.

February 2013 updates

Release candidate 9--issued February 6--includes the latest Drupal core security update, as well as updates to the Administration menu module and Entity registration module. There are also fixes to issues with both Media YouTube and Media Vimeo modules achieved by switching to the dev versions of both these modules. See the release notes for full details.

What else is new?

Release candidate 7 posted

A new release of Open Outreach--RC7-- is available as of December 7, 2012. The release includes updates to many modules as well as Drupal core.
There are also a number of fixes made to address changes in the File entity module. A change was also introduced to address out of memory errors frequently encountered when all the features were enabled at once. For complete details see the release notes.

New release includes new theme

We've pushed this week to meet our deadline of an October 19th release. We're heading to Ecuador for three months next week and so today is the last major development work we're aiming to do for a while. But we'll be doing lots of Open Outreach promotion work while we're away connecting with the Drupal community in Ecuador and getting a Spanish translation going.

Major work this time around focused on making Open Outreach more responsive, including:

Contact management and mapping now included

The new release of Open Outreach - RC5 - includes two significant new features that ramp up the scope of what nonprofit users get out of the box.

The development of these two new features has been our major work over the summer and are the last two pieces we're planning to add before aiming for a stable release within the next month or so.

Release candidate 4 issued

RC4 is now available for download. RC3 had a very brief life after we discovered some glitches but we've been hard at it to get these fixed and after a lot of work we think we're there. 

RC4 includes some significant fixes to a number of issues reported after the switch to using apps at the last release.  Thanks to all of you who are posting issues on the issue queue for Open Outreach as that really helps us improve the distribution.

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