Working with Outreach theme

As of RC6, Open Outreach ships with a new default theme called Outreach. Outreach has been built as a subtheme of AdaptiveTheme and is fully responsive for mobile devices. Outreach is also highly configurable so you can easily tweak it to give your site your own personalized look.

  • Click on the settings page for Outreach (admin/appearance/settings/outreach) to adjust the standard settings.
  • Here you have options to change the sidebar layouts and widths for various devices as well as their breakpoints.
  • Many useful options are also available by selecting the Extensions link. For example, if you check the Fonts box and then save, you will now have a new settings option that lets you change your default font, the default font size as well as specific options for letting you work with various elements such as site name, and various titles, letting you easily customize.
  • You also have complete control over color settings. You can select one of the preconfigured color palettes or select your own colors by selecting Custom and then using the color wheel or entering 6 digit hex codes.
  • The toggle display lets you select which elements will be displayed.
  • You also have the ability to upload your own logo and favicon. For each item (logo image settings and shortcut icon settings), uncheck the use the default image/icon box and then you'll have a path to the file or a field to upload from your computer.
  • As always, ensure you save your configuration.
  • By default, drop down menus are enabled using the Superfish module. If you don’t want to use drop down menus, you can disable the Superfish module and using blocks administration page, place the main menu in the menu bar region.
  • If you are changing to another theme after install, you'll need to ensure that you save the settings form for that theme (even if using the default settings), so that the theme regions are correctly set.