Working with members-only content

Debut Member provides a content type, Member page, that has preset access controls so that only users with the role Member can view this content. This enables site administrators to create a private portion of their site that is not publicly accessible.

  • When you first enabled Debut Member, you will have been prompted to rebuild your content access permissions.
  • You will create member pages in the same way that you do other pages, but there are a couple of caveats.
  • If you are the site administrator, you will have the option of adding members pages to a book. However, the child pages that you add, will be of the type “Book page” not "Member page” and therefore will not have access restrictions. The solutions to this are:
    • The recommended advice is to not use the book functionality other than how it is used by default in the Section content type.
    • If it is important to you to put your member content into books, modify the “Book page” access control settings to match those of the “Member page”, but in this case all book pages will be private and therefore cannot be used for any public portions of the site. To change the settings navigate to admin/structure/types/manage/book/access. Only the parent, created with the content “Member page” will show up on the Member landing page of content.
  • If in any doubt about your privacy settings for a particular node, log out and see if you can view it an an anonymous (not logged in) user.
  • As an a non-member, you will also note that the menu link for the member page (in the sidebar) is not visible.
  • As a viewer with the member (or administrator or editor) permission, the Member content landing page link will take you to a simple page with content teasers listed in descending order. Should you choose to add additional displays to this view, ensure that you assign access controls to your view.
  • For those members who you want to be able to access, ensure they have the role “Member” assigned to them.