Using Granada theme (now deprecated)

Note: Granada, the original theme for Open Outreach, has been removed from the distribution as of June 2013. See this June 14 blog post for details on keeping Granada as your theme while upgrading if you wish to continue using it.

As of RC6, Granada is no longer the default theme for Open Outreach. It will no longer show on the initial installation, but can still be enabled via the appearance page. Eventually we hope to rebuild Granada based on AdaptiveTheme.

Granada theme is a Fusion sub-theme that was built for the Open Outreach distribution.  It is designed to be easily customized by groups wishing to put their own look on their Open Outreach site. Granada builds on both the Fusion base theme as well as two required modules. 

DesignKit is used to allow you to upload your own logo and background image as well as change the website colors. In the new 7.x-2 branch Fusion Accelerator is used to allow easy customization of blocks. In the 7.x-1 branch this was done by the Skinr module.  If you are updating Open Outreach and using a Fusion sub-theme, please ensure you have the correct modules and branches (see the release notes for rc1.)

Changing the settings for Granada:

  • To change the basic default settings, go to admin/appearance and select the settings option for Granada. Here you can customize Granada in a variety of ways.
  • Toggle display allows you to enable or disable the display of certain page elements:
    • Site name
    • Site slogan
    • User pictures in posts
    • User pictures in comments
    • Shortcut icon.
  • Next you can choose to upload your own favicon if you have one.
  • The general Fusion theme settings include both layout and typography that you may wish to change--for example to change the width of sidebar columns or the font used.
  • The images section allows you to upload your own background image or your own logo. Both will be scaled if they are too large. Note that the background image needs to be at least 1600 x 1200 pixels to effectively fill up most screen widths. If you do not wish to use any background image, you will need to go into the files system and delete  the image called "shells_background.jpg"  from the "img" folder within Granada theme folder. (profiles/openoutreach/themes/contrib/granada/img)
  • Under the color section you can change either the primary or secondary color (or both).  Enter the six digit hexidecimal code for the color you want (including the # symbol) or use the colorwheel that will appear when you click in the color box.  Leave blank to use the defaults.  If you only want to use one color set both the primary and secondary color to the same hex code.
  • Save your configuration.

Using Fusion Accelerator or Skinr:

  • Each block that appears on the site (usually in the sidebar region) can be configured using Fusion Accelerator or Skinr.
  • A gear will appear in the top right hand corner of a block when you hover over it.  Click the gear for the "edit skin" option.
  • This will take you to a configuration page for this block where you can add formatting.  Most commonly, use the "Border: add 1px border and 10px padding" to give your box a border and pale fill.