Translate Open Outreach into your own language

Translation of the Open Outreach interface is done through Drupal's localization infrastructure. To pitch in and help get Open Outreach available in multiple languages:


  1. Follow the instructions for how to register with and join a language group.
  2. Once you're a member of the language group, you can start contributing translations. Start with the list of features that make up Open Outreach. For each one, click the "View project" and then on that page click the sidebar "View project translations" link. From there you can select your language and start contributing translations.

Note that these modules are only a subset of the ones that make up the full Open Outreach install. A full interface translation will require translations for Drupal core as well as the many contributed modules that are included in the Open Outreach distribution. If you want to contribute translations for these additional modules, you can start on the project pages of the Debut features and follow the links for each of the modules listed under Dependencies.

Then, to get Open Outreach in your language, download and install the Localization Update module, which will download and install the translations you need.