Open Outreach is designed so it can be installed and used without any particular Drupal expertise.

  • All necessary configuration is available on install to whatever extent possible.
  • Documentation is provided for the non-technical end user.

Open Outreach is aimed at smaller nonprofit and grassroots groups that are without the resources to build a customized site.

  • Open Outreach should run on a typical hosted environment without special dependencies.
  • Additional functionality must not add complexity that will exclude its use by small or wholly volunteer run groups.

Open Outreach is flexible enough to be used as a base for building a customized site.

  • Components can be selectively disabled and there are minimal dependencies between functional components.
  • Design decisions should not impose restrictions that will limit expanded functionality.

Open Outreach is built in a modular way based on the Debut Features suite.

  • Open Outreach can easily be used as the basis for other distributions, for example one that may serve the particular needs of a subset of the nonprofit community.
  • The Debut features on which it is built continue to meet broad use cases rather than being narrowly tied to particular needs.