Posting a new highlighted content type

The highlighted content type is used to create the slideshow on the home page.  There are a few key points to be careful of when creating new content of this type.

  • Image:  The image here is larger so it needs to be at least 930 pixels wide.  Also, the lower portion of the image will be partially obscured by the text so you may have to choose the images carefully. Note: the slideshow is of images so you must use an image for the slideshow to work.
  • Kicker: Provide a short (two to three sentence) description of the page you're highlighting.  The text is very limited so if it flows over, you will need to edit down.
  • Link: As of Open Outreach version 1.27, the Link field contains customizable title text. By default it will state "Read more" but you can edit that field should you wish. Next, enter the address of a page to link to. The address could be a path on your site like articles/my-article or a the full URL of an external page like
  • The slideshow will rotate up to 5 items in this content type.