Posting a new event

  • Use the “event” content type.
  • If you are using Debut RedHen event registration, the first box will be to either disable registrations or use the standard registration. See the section on using this feature for more details.
  • Begin by entering the title of your event.
  • Next you can check a box if  you want an end date for your event.
  • The From (start date) is the next required field. A pop-up calendar will appear when you click into the date field or use the format: month/day/year, e.g., 08/31/2010.
  • You may add in an optional start time for your event. Use the format: 09:42PM, using the tab button to move from hour to minutes and AM/PM
  • Your event may also include an optional end date and time.
  • It is recommended that you use both a start time as well as an end date and time whenever possible for the most usable calendar view that will be generated.


  • The event content type also includes functionality to add in dates on which an event repeats. Check the Repeat box to use the repeating options.
  • Choose the frequency an event repeats, either weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Select the appropriate period for repeating. For example, if you select the monthly repeating you will see options to repeat on a set day in a month or on the first Sunday, for example.
  • Select how many occurrences to repeat or fill in an end date.
  • You can also skip a date, for example when a weekly workshop wouldn’t be held due to a holiday, by checking the exclude dates box.
  • Debut Event also includes a taxonomy that allows you to classify events by type and displays them on your calendar with a coloured stripe and corresponding legend.
  • The Open Outreach distribution takes the new Debut Event taxonomy and creates the first three terms in the vocabulary for conference, meeting and workshop.
  • When creating a new event, you will now be able to select an event type from a drop down list (or select none to leave unclassified.)  Users are also now able to filter the events on the calendar page to show only events of a certain type.
  • To add or change taxonomy terms, see the instructions under the section Menus, taxonomy, contact and search.
  • Complete the rest of the fields in the same way you do for the “article” example.


Open Outreach: Events and Event Types

Open Outreach: Events and Event Types
An introduction to posting Events in Open Outreach, working with the calendar view and creating new event types.