Open Outreach is transitioning to a new interim structure based on a partnership model. Currently the two partner organizations are Chocolate Lily Web Projects and Praxis Labs Coop. We are  working collaboratively to shape the project and are open to new entities joining with us as we continue our work. This interim model will act as an initial testing ground for potential development into a  more formal structure, such as a cooperative.

The partners

Chocolate Lily partners Nedjo Rogers and Rosemary Mann developed Open Outreach as a tool for the nonprofit and grassroots sectors which they are both rooted in with many years of work both as staff, volunteers and community activists. For the past year they have been actively seeking partners to expand the scope of Open Outreach and to meet their original vision of the project being a collaborative community undertaking.

Praxis Labs, based out of Montreal, is just that great partner that Open Outreach has been needing. Praxis is a worker’s cooperative specializing in Drupal and Aegir, a software used for managed hosting of Drupal sites. Their core principles of collective management, transparency, copyleft, and solidarity closely align with those of Chocolate Lily and the philosophy and aims of Open Outreach.


New services

Praxis will be offering a hosted version of Open Outreach which will allow groups quickly and easily to get going with an Open Outreach site, and, perhaps more importantly, free themselves from the ongoing technical requirements for maintaining and upgrading. The site is now hosted by Praxis and you can see how well it performs in comparison to many Drupal or Open Outreach sites on shared hosting. Praxis is hard at work building out the infrastructure for a one-click install service for Open Outreach sites.

Chocolate Lily will still be available for hire to work with groups in customizing or extending Open Outreach sites for cooperative, nonprofits and activist grassroots groups.

And beyond

As our collaborative work together expands, we’ll look to bring in new partners and continue to explore ways that groups using Open Outreach also can have a direct role in shaping its direction and organizational structure. For example, we’d love to bring in a partner focused on design and theming. Interested? Please get in touch.