How the homepage is set up

The homepage will be automatically populated as content is added to the site. 

The homepage will display:

  • If you are using the Debut Highlighted feature, the upper portion of the homepage will be a slideshow.  Images with a related two to three sentence kicker and a link to sections of the website will rotate in a slideshow view.  See Posting new highlighted content type for more information.
  • The two most recent pieces of content (of the type article, blog or event) that are marked “promoted to front page” showing an image, the title and a teaser.  Below this just the title will appear for the next eight promoted pieces of content.
  • Below this recent mulitmedia will be displayed in a carousel with the 9 most recent multimedia files displayed (three at a time).
  • The final two sections will show the five most recently posted articles and blog posts that are marked “promoted to the front page”, displaying only the title as well as a more link.

The homepage is set up using Panels.  Should you wish to change what is displayed in the homepage, you need to edit the homepage panel. Click on the gear at the top, right-hand corner of the homepage to get the "edit panel" link.  Here you can add new blocks, delete existing blocks or rearrange.