Groupify with RedHen

"Groupify" with RedHen

You can use RedHen's sub-module, RedHen Organization Groups, to enable group collaboration features for organizations. A "groupified" organization can have content associated with it. Optionally, this content can be made private, and therefore only viewable to Drupal user accounts associated with RedHen contacts who are in turn associated with a specific RedHen organization.

  • Enable the RedHen Organization Groups module via the modules page.
  • Go to the organization type settings screen (admin/structure/redhen/org_types) and select the edit link for the organization type you want to add groups functionality to. (Or optionally create a new organization type to "groupify".
  • Select "Groupify."
  • Optionally select whether group content should be private to Drupal user accounts associated with contact entities associated with a specific organization.
  • Select the content types that can be posted to these groupified organizations.
  • Finally, when viewing an organization entity, you will see a "Content" tab that lists nodes that have been associated with the organization.
  • When creating new content of a type that is available to be posted to a group, you will have as an additional field a select list to choose the appropriate group from. Note: as this field is added as a final field, it will by default appear under the save button. You may wish to re-order your fields via the manage fields tab on the appropriate content types (admin/structure/types/manage/blog/fields).
  • If choosing to make this field private to only members whose user accounts are attached to RedHen contacts that are members of the group, you will need to alter some settings, such as removing the share and email links that are attached to these now private pieces of content.