Downloading and Installing Open Outreach

See also the Open Outreach hosting page for hosted options.

Visit the download section on
Click on the download link—choose either the tarball or the zip file to download.

Open Outreach includes a full install of Drupal so the process is the same as installing any Drupal site. The following instructions are for setting up a site using cPanel, a system used by many web hosts.

There are two basic steps in setting up a Drupal website:

  1. Get the files in place that make up the site.
  2. Create a database for the website.


  • From the main cPanel page, click on  “File manager”.
  • Click the “Upload” button, browse to find the Open Outreach file you downloaded and click “Open”.
  • Click the “Extract” button to extract the uploaded file.
  • Rename the directory with the name of the site you are installing.
  • Within this directory, you now have the core Drupal files, as well as in the “profile” folder  Open Outreach and all its modules, themes and libraries.
  • Within the “Sites” directory, go into the defaults folder.
  • Copy the file default.settings.php, paste into the same folder and rename settings.php.


  • Return to main cPanels page and in the Databases section select MYSQL databases. Create a database for the site you are about to install by simply adding its name and clicking the “Create Database” button.
  • Assign a user to the database (or create one if needed).
  • Assign all privileges to that user.

If you want to, you can place this newly created site in a subdomain, by clicking on the “Subdomain” button on the main cPanels page (under Domains.)  Put the new site name as the subdomain and give it the document root, e.g., “public_html/sitename.

Once you have the files and database in place, you can proceed to install Open Outreach.