Open Outreach is a community effort and there are many ways to contribute.

Open Outreach co-founder Nedjo Rogers has recently written a blog post on all the ways that individuals or Drupal shops can help move this distribution forward.

You can help out by testing Open Outreach and contributing your suggestions as well as bug reports when you find problems.

All Open Outreach development is done on Please contribute feature suggestions, bug reports, and patches by following the issue links on the project pages for each of the Open Outreach components.

  • Most of the functionality in Open Outreach is delivered through features that conform to the Debut feature specification. Debut features used in Open Outreach include:
    • Debut Article: An article content type including media and block display.
    • Debut Bio: A biographical user profile and associated views for displaying author information.
    • Debut Blog: A Blog content type and recent blog post block display.
    • Debut Comment: Commonly needed functionality for commenting including comment notification, CAPTCHAs, and login enhancements.
    • Debut Event: An Event content type and calendar displays.
    • Debut Forum: Forum functionality integrating Drupal core Forum module and Advanced Forum.
    • Debut Highlighted: A highlighted content type and views slideshow suitable for display on a site home page.
    • Debut Link: provide links to external websites and pages.
    • Debut Location: Display locations on a map using taxonomy-based icons.
    • Debut Media: media handling and display using the Media module.
    • Debut RedHen: Manage contacts and organizations with the RedHen CRM.
    • Debut Section: Nested landing pages for the main sections of a site (using Book module).
    • Debut Social: A social media feature integrating some of the most commonly needed social media functionality.
    • Debut WYSIWYG: Input formats and accompanying editors, along with input formats per role.
  • The Open Outreach install profile provides the glue to integrate the different Debut features into a cohesive whole.