Advanced users and site builders

Open Outreach is built primarily so that nontechnical staff can get in and set up a basic website fairly easily.

If you are a more skilled user or Drupal site builder, there are some key points to key in mind when using Open Outreach as a basis on which to build additional functionality or to modify existing features.

  • We have not enabled UI modules by default so as to keep the interface more streamlined for site administrators.  If you need to add or change fields, contexts or views you will need to enable Field UI, Context UI and/or Views UI.
  • If you are making changes, you may want to keep track of them so that you can selectively revert when a new version of a feature is released.
  • Blocks are enabled using context not the blocks administration page.
  • If the dev version of a module has been used, it's for a reason so don't change the version unless you're prepared to deal with the fall out.
  • Responsive images have not yet been incorporated, so if you are using responsive themes, be aware that you'll need to do some work to set that up.  That is work we'll try to get to but there are other more pressing features we're trying toget wrapped up first. If anyone is keen on taking that work on and contributing back, we'd be delighted.