About Open Outreach

Open Outreach provides an out of the box feature rich website for grassroots groups and nonprofits. Built as a distribution of the free Drupal web software, Open Outreach is currently powering more than 500 websites.

A Drupal distribution is designed so that much of the functionality that is required to build a website is available after a simple download.  In essence it packages together areas of Drupal functionality by pre-configuring and enabling the modules required for these elements.  Open Outreach contains features frequently used by organizations such as events calendars, a blog and ways to engage with members.

Key features of Open Outreach:

  • Home page design featuring a slideshow display and a carousel display of recent media.
  • Article content type for displaying news and other types of articles.
  • Nested section pages for organizing the basic structure of your site.
  • WYSIWYG (what your see is what you get) editor for easy content posting.
  • Event calendar and easy to use repeating date functionality.
  • Members-only content type for private content.
  • Link content type for providing links to other website resources or internal documents.
  • Blog content type with an associated author bio.
  • Easy media handling for images and embedded videos.
  • Basic social media integration and comment handling.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • A CRM using RedHen.
  • A location content type and map display using OpenLayers.