Update needed on Pantheon platform

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John Brisbin
Update needed on Pantheon platform

Just spun up a new Open Outreach instance on Pantheon only to discover it is about 2 years out of date on core security versions.

This is not a good look, and further it makes it nearly impossible to safely run on Pantheon.

As you know there are a couple of modifications needed to make Drupal run happily in the Pantheon ecosystem, so it's not as simple as just grabbing the current Open Outreach distro off of d.o and pushing that onto Pantheon...it doesn't work.

That leaves us with having to choose between running an insecure, well outdated version of Drupal core, or not running Open Outreach on Pantheon...neither of those are great options.

I currently have a sandbox site running, but am concerned that I'll lose whatever work is there if I have to re-install via Pantheon/drops-7.x

Can you guys advise how/if you're planning to bring the Pantheon repo up to current version please?


Open Outreach on Pantheon

Pantheon doesn't handle the update of distributions and we're not willing to maintain it for them as volunteers. You might prefer to look at Praxis which does do updating: https://hosting.praxis.coop/en/automated-drupal-hosting

John Brisbin
Oh. whoops. I guess I don't

Oh. whoops. I guess I don't understand the relationship here.

AFAIK all that is required is for you to maintain a git repo with your latest distro in it...and that distro would have the pantheon_api module and a special settings.php, right?

You guys presumably would appreciate the exposure and traffic that Pantheon provides?

I'm not looking for automated updates (per Praxis)...I just wanted to spin up the latest Open Outreach via Pantheon, as implied.

I think it's really a bad idea for you guys to appear on Pantheon if you're not going to make your latest distro available...not sure how many people are like me, but it was a real pain to try to twist the outdated Pantheon version into something safe to run.

If you can't resolve things with Pantheon suitably, take your distro off, no?

Kind regards,


Pantheon notified

Since we already do a huge amount of volunteer work--pretty  much everything on Open Outreach for more than 6 years--updating the Pantheon repo so they can use that for their for-profit business is not another task we're willing to take on. So, yes, Pantheon knows they should remove Open Outreach. I suggest you do a straight Drupal install and build yourself.