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Heather NKLCSS
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Hi all,

I set up Open Outreach for our non-profit agency because it seems to have most of the features I needed.  The features that I like the most are:

  • Front page with rotating images and most recent posts
  • Maps to our locations
  • Articles (I've made other page types but this seems to be the one that can fit for most uses)
  • Books (I just add my articles to appropriate books)
  • Quick linking of a new article to our FaceBook page.

Things that I have tried but found to not be much use:

  • Links pages - I found it simpler to just create an article with all the links I want to include

Things that I have had trouble with:

  • Images - I have given up on using the image field at the top of most content types.  If I want to add an image I put it in the body field and I don't have trouble with them.  I'm fairly certain that the problems with the top image field relate to problems I had with my hosting provider.  Things worked for the first week or three and then they went sideways.  After much back and forth with my hosting provider I have gotten most everything working properly except that field.  Someday I may have the time to tackle it again.
  • Hosting provider - really, they have been great and bent over backwards to make things work, but they did break things that were working so they should fix them.  I would have to go back to find notes from when the problems started to give any specifics but it involved php limits (that they changed to help me get running but then reset back down later) and also some access settings that they changed after I had things up and running. If I was starting out new, I would make sure that I found a host that is specifically supporting Open Outreach - not just via the million and one things available in the auto installers such as Softaculus (I didn't use an auto-installer).

Additional module I added:

  • Webforms - I have had no trouble with this since adding it.

Thank you so much to those who make Open Outreach happen.

Great feedback

Thanks so much for your feedback, Heather. It's great to hear what's been working and what's given you grief.

Hi Heather. I am curious to

Hi Heather. I am curious to hear what you do with articles in books. So far I have put my articles in sections, in my case a news site with 3 categories of news.  How does putting an article in a book work?



Heather NKLCSS

Hi Paul,

It is quite possible that I am misusing or misunderstanding how a book should be used. I'm open to learning a better way.

Currently, I basically set it up fairly similar to the menu.  So, I have my different programs have multiple pages on different aspects and I add each page into the book under whatever parent item seems appropriate. 

Seeing your actual site helps

Seeing your actual site helps me to see how you use articles, which seems to be the way I am using sections. I guess there are reasons for one or the other depending on the site.

By the way, I use the images field in tokyoprogressive.org (regular drupal) and the images display right. Plus they also display on the front page. I read they should display there as well, but maybe I need to read where you enable that.They are not displaying on the top page as is.



Heather NKLCSS
Hi Paul,

Hi Paul,

Yes, I should have been clearer that I don't know where the problem is with the image field.  It did work when I first installed my site but, along with other problems, it stopped working when my webhost made some changes to the server.  I got them to fix the changes they made so everything except that field back working. I have not figured out what is wrong with that field and just have not had the time to work on it when it is easier to just work around it.  I do miss having the thumbnails of the pictures on the front page with the article but finding pictures I can use is also a challenge at times so, I'll live with it for a while longer.

Interior Technology
Interior Technology's website

Hello Everyone,

I am new here and I figured I would chime in.  We will be using Open Outreach once we get things working, to host our non-profit (which is state registered at this time) to build our agency's online presence.  At present the installation is occasionally giving me a White Screen which I am curently troubleshooting, I've also posted in the support forum also.  I chose Open Outreach for a variety of reasons and may share some of these in a follow up.