Initial release candidate for Open Outreach 7.x. This is the first stable release fully packaged on drupal.org. Yeah!

Major changes in this new this version:

  • Debut Member added to provide content access restrictions for private member only pages.
  • Debut Event has been reworked to use the new calendar templates.
  • We've switched to the 2.x branch of Fusion, dropping the Skinr module and adding in the new Fusion Accelerator module, which in addition to providing Skinr-like functionality also allows responsive theming.

Please see the detailed release notes on drupal.org for more in-depth technical specs of the changes.

Upgrade notes: Because we have switched branches for Fusion, extra caution should be taken when upgrading from a previous version to the rc1 version. Before you upgrade please read Updating your Open Outreach site and then follow these extra steps.

  • Back up your site!
  • Switch the theme to Bartik.
  • Upgrade to the new version.
  • Run update.php.
  • Clear the caches.
  • As long as you have been using only the base skins that come with Fusion, disable Skinr UI and Skinr and then uninstall them.
  • Enable the Apply skins and Apply skins UI modules (part of Fusion Accelerator).  You can also enable Fusion grid tools if you want responsive theming.
  • You can now return to either Mix and Match or Granada themes, and reapply your skins.
  • We were thrown an error "Undefined property: stdClass::$did in panels_panels_pane_content_alter()" which we were able to fix by manually saving the home page panel and the mini panel for the home page. (You can't save directly but have to make any small change and then save.)
  • If you want the new Debut Member functionality for private member only content, you can enable that feature.  You will then be prompted to rebuild your permissions.
  • You should revert your Debut Event feature (as long as you have made no customizations here.)
  • Admin menu is now included so if you want a different toolbar you can disable the standard toolbar and enable that admin menu and admin menu toolbar.