As well as numerous small updates and fixes, the main changes in this release are the introduction of a theme for the distribution and significant changes to content type image fields.

New features

  • Open Outreach now includes a default theme written especially for it. Granada is designed to be easily customized by groups adding their own background image and logo and selecting their own colours. Granada also supports a lot of configuration of how blocks, views, and other elements look on the page, thanks to "skins" provided by the Fusion base theme.

Code refactoring

  • The big change here is in the image field attached to content types. Previously we used a field of type "media". After recent changes in the Media module, though, this is no longer needed, so we've converted the field to type "image", making it much more stable and easy to configure. Note that we've left the field_media as type media to enable video uploading etc., but may in future consider changing it to "file" type as changes are unfolding in the Media and File entity modules. Doing so would break backward compatibility.