Sample content now included with Open Outreach

Screenshot of the sample content on the home page.

With this release (1.3), Open Outreach now includes sample content. We’re hoping that this will make it even easier for users new to Open Outreach and Drupal to get going with a new site. The sample content will give a visual snapshot of what your site will look like as it is populated, as well as providing pieces of content that can be edited to quickly get you started.

Sample content includes a couple of highlighted images for the home page slideshow, articles and blog posts, as well as an initial section “About” and its first sub-section (child page). To use the sample content, you can replace the titles, text and images with your own, and save making it real content for your site. Or you can use them merely as examples, deleting them and starting fresh. See the documentation for complete details on working with sample content as well as a permissions issue that you need to address.

Content will also provide links to the relevant sections of the Open Outreach documentation pages so that you read more about how to use various content types.

If you have any feedback about the new sample content, drop us a line.