First full, stable release finally achieved!

After almost three years of working on the Open Outreach project, we're delighted (and relieved) to announce the first, full stable release. It turns out that building a distribution is a daunting task, and I know that I would never have joined this project if I had any inkling at the start of how much work it would be. But, there is a sense of satisfaction when we see the groups that are able to use Open Outreach to build themselves websites with little technical skill. I also enjoy being able to do work for groups that we're part of, knowing that in a matter of days, I can get a site up and running.

Sometimes it feels as though we are doing this in a vacuum, so if you are using Open Outreach, let us know how it's been going for you or send us your site URL so we can add it to our site showcase. We'd love to see even more groups adopt Open Outreach, so that we can continue to feel like this effort has been worth it, so please help spread the word.

Important theme changes

As of our June 14 full release (7.x-1.0), all Fusion-based themes (Granada and Mix and Match 1.x branch) are being deprecated. This is being done to clean up our module load and only ship with one base theme (AdaptiveTheme).

If you are using, and want to keep using either Granada or the 1.x branch of Mix and Match, you need to take the following steps before upgrading to the latest version of Open Outreach:

  • Copy Fusion, Mix and Match and/or Granada into: sites/all/themes folder. Currently they are located at: profiles/openoutreach/themes/contrib and are named fusion, granada and mix_and_match.
  • Copy Design Kit and Fusion Accelerator into: sites/all/modules folder. Currently they are located at: profiles/openoutreach/modules/contrib are are named designkit and fusion_accelerator.

If you want to upgrade to the 2.x version of Mix and Match (based on AdaptiveTheme) then use the following steps:

  • Before upgrading (as always take a back up and put your site in maintenance mode), switch into Bartik theme.
  • Clear caches.
  • After you have upgraded to the latest version of Open Outreach (and run update.php) you can now:
  • Enable Mix and Match 2.x version.
  • You will need to redo any settings you have in terms of colours.
  • Note: you will be able to use overall styling for blocks, but if you want block by block theming, you will need to download Skinr and create your own skins.
  • Save the settings page to activate the correct block alignment.
  • In the blocks admin page, set the Superfish 1 block to the menu bar region for drop down menus.

Other changes

Other changes in this release include:

  • Updating module versions.
  • New branches for Follow and Forward.
  • New releases of Debut Location (with some additions to allow region-based mapping, see the user docs) and Debut Social.