Creating a community of Open Outreach users

One of our goals in the development of the Open Outreach distribution has been to create a community of users in which groups can assist other groups, resources can be pooled for adding new functionality and we can all learn from each other.

Over the years, developers Nedjo Rogers and Rosemary Mann have tossed around potential structural options for organizing and tried various methods to engage with groups using the software. We're trying a fresh approach that will simply aim to start getting those using Open Outreach connected.

What's new

Join: We're encouraging those using Open Outreach to join as members. There's no fee, just sign up with some basic information about your group and website and then you can be a part of it.

Map it: We'd like to show where Open Outreach sites are located to be able to highlight our global range. When you sign up you can choose to map your site. You can do so either by the city and country only or give us your organizational address to map it exactly. Aren't yet in the site showcase? You can also choose that option when you register.

Forum: We've created a forum on the Open Outreach site so that you can ask your support questions without doing so on We know that site is more geared towards developers and more tech savvy folks and may not be as useful (or comprehensible) for non-tech staff or volunteers. Once you sign up as a member then you can post your questions. And hopefully, users will also help by answering questions and start the knowledge sharing process. There's also a forum for posting your tips and to put forward ideas for new functionality.

Newsletter: We're also launching an Open Outreach newsletter to keep you informed on all the latest Open Outreach news. You can sign up when you register or at any time by subscribing on

Stay in touch

We're hoping that all these new tools will help Open Outreach users feel more connected and help us feel that we're not in this alone. Open Outreach is consistently one of the top Drupal distributions (and the top nonprofit distro) which is pretty amazing for such a small team. Your participation can help grow that team and keep us working to support community organizing and progressive social change. We're always happy to hear from users and look forward to seeing how you use these new tools. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to drop us a line.