StoriedMaps is a new community mapping distribution based on Open Outreach. It is the culmination of a long-term partnership between Chocolate Lily Web Projects, the developers of Open Outreach, and the University of Victoria's Geography Department and Community Mapping Collaborative. Building on the Debut Location feature, StoriedMaps allows groups to easily map the assets that make their community vibrant, as well as linking storied, images and videos to those locations to heighten the sense of connectedness between places and people. The packaged version, which includes Open Outreach, the StoriedMaps features and some sample icons to get you going, can be downloaded from GitHub.

User documentation for StoriedMaps is available below.

This project has also provided a test case for building a customized distribution off of Open Outreach. More details about that process are featured in a blog post. If your group is interested in paid support for working with StoriedMaps or in having your own customized distribution built for you, please contact us at Chocolate Lily.

StoriedMap user documentation is available here.