Open Outreach content types: What they do and don’t do

Part of determining whether Open Outreach is going to meet your needs is matching up the components included with the areas of functionality you're looking for.

While there are some customizations on the site we have tried to keep them pretty minimal so you have a place to see what you can expect. In particular, if you haven’t already done so, review the list of features at  to see what is included. For many of them there is a demo link so you can get a sense of what they do.

This list provides a summary of the content types, the fields and what views are included.


Article: Post articles and display relevant contextual sidebar information

Fields: Title, Image, Tags, Body, Media

  • This means for this content type you will give it a title, add an image that will be associated with it, tag it using a free tagging vocabulary, fill in the main part in a body field and add other media if desired such as a PDF, other images or videos.
  • The included views for the article content type provide a landing page for all articles, plus sidebar blocks for recent articles and recent articles by the same author.
  • If you wanted to use this content type to separate out news articles and announcements, for example, that would require customization. You would need custom work to add a new vocabulary for article type, add the terms for news article and announcements, add that field to the content type, and then adjust the views as necessary.


Blog: Allow users to maintain individual blogs accessible from their user profiles

Fields: Title, Image, Tags, Body, Media

  • The blog content type has the same fields as article, but adds functionality so that a blog is classified by its author. This allows viewing all blog posts or viewing just the posts of one author.
  • As above, if you wanted to add a vocabulary to classify in some other way, that would be custom work.


Event: Add events, including ones that repeat, and display them in calendars

Fields: Register, Title, Date, Event type, Tags, Image, Description (body), Media

  • The key element of the event content type is that it must contain a date. This date field lets you do complex configuration for repeating dates. It also includes a vocabulary of types of events, which are displayed on a colour-coded event calendar and can be filtered by event type. If you are also using the RedHen CRM, you can enable the RedHen event registration and allow users to register.
  • The views for the event content type include a full calendar display (month, day, week, year) as well as blocks for upcoming events and a small sidebar calendar.
  • Commerce functionality is not included in Open Outreach so people may register for events but if there is a cost will need to pay separately, or commerce integration can be built out in customization work.


Highlighted: Highlight specific pages of your site with a  homepage slideshow of featured content

Fields: Title, Image, Kicker, Link

  • This content type allows up to five images to be displayed in a rotating slideshow on the homepage. Each image must be accompanied by kicker text of one or two sentences and a link to the part of the website you are highlighting. If you choose a responsive theme for your site, the slideshow will also be responsive, otherwise it will be fixed.
  • Should you want this to display in any other way, that would be customization.


Link: Add and display links to other websites or other resources

Fields: Title, Term, Body, Image, Link, File

  • This is a way to display lists of resource either external websites or internal documents. Links can be classified by adding terms to the link vocabulary.
  • Displays for this content type include a landing page of all links classified by terms as well as a featured link sidebar block.


Location: Display geographic locations on a map using taxonomy based icons

Fields: Name, Address, Geolocation, Location type, Location region, Body

  • This content type allows locations to be displayed on an Open Layers map. Locations can be placed using an address or placed manually upon a map. The location type vocabulary allows for terms to be added with an icon.
  • As of June 2013 (Debut Location beta2), the location feature also includes a location region vocabulary which lets you define regions for more localized map display.
  • This content type does not add the location field to other content types nor create entity reference for map display between various types of content, both of which would be custom work.


Member: Create private members-only pages for your site

Fields: Title, Image, Tags, Body, Media

  • This content type has similar fields to article but also includes content access controls so it is visible only to users who have the role of member.
  • This content type is not yet integrated with the RedHen CRM functionality.


Section Create nested landing pages to present basic site structure

Fields: Title, Image, Body, Media

  • This content type provides nested pages using the book module. While the fields are straightforward, the functionality allows you create a top level page, such as About Us, and then add child or sub-sections, such as Mission, Board, Staff, etc.
  • The landing page display, shows the child pages at the bottom in a grid with their respective images, as well as in a sidebar navigation block.