Non-content type features of Open Outreach: What they do and don’t do

While there are some customizations on the site we have tried to keep them pretty minimal so you have a place to see what you can expect. In particular, if you haven’t already done so, review the list of features  to see what is included. For many of them there is a demo link so you can get a sense of what they do.

For a list the content types, the fields and what views are included in an Open Outreach site, please see, Open Outreach content types: What they do and don’t do.

This list details the non-content type features of an Open Outreach site including both functional features and design-based features.

Bio: Add a biographical user profile for displaying author information with a blog post

  • A custom user profile with fields for first name, last name and biography is created. An image can also be added by the user uploading it from their user page.
  • This is attached only to the blog content type and is displayed in the sidebar when viewing a blog post by the author or the landing page for the author’s blog.
  • If the bio wants to be attached to other content types, that would require customization.


Comment: Allow users to subscribe to notifications when their comments are replied to and add CAPTCHAs for spam prevention

  • The Comment feature handles comments, spam handling and log in modification.
  • With comment, users can be notified when their comments are replied to. Comment settings (who can post comments; what state they are in by default, etc.) are simple configuration options.
  • To set up a notification system that a comment has been posted and needs moderation (where the default state is unpublished), customization is required to create a rule for this.
  • CAPTCHAs present on the site are on comment forms as well as at log in. Math CAPTCHAs are used by default. To switch to an image-based (or an external CAPTCHA service) would require customization.
  • Log in uses fairly straightforward Drupal solutions. Changing who can register is simple configuration. Using other log in systems (such as Open Auth or Facebook Connect) would require customization.


Forum: Provide an enhanced forum for user discussions

  • The Advanced Forum module is enabled but any further work would be customizations.


Media: Embed videos, and add images to content, and display media files in carousels

  • This provides all the media handling for an Open Outreach site.
  • Images can be added to most content types. Images can be renamed so a real name rather than a file name displays. Alt text can also be added for machine readers.
  • Videos for either YouTube or Vimeo can be embedded.
  • At this point, audio files require special handling and would require customization.
  • A media landing pages displays all media (including files), with sub pages for images and videos. Changing this default display requires customizations.
  • A carousel on the home page is also provided. Changes from the default would require customization.


RedHen CRM: Add a contact relationship management system to your website

  • The RedHen CRM is integrated into Open Outreach with an initial contact type (general) and related taxonomy terms: funder, media, staff, volunteer.
  • The general organization type includes a vocabulary with the terms: business, foundation, government, nonprofit.
  • Adding or removing terms is straightforward configuration. Other changes to RedHen would require customization, some of which would be complex.


SEO: Optimize your site for search engines by enhancing content with metadata

  • Enables fairly standard Drupal solutions for search engine optimization. Any additional work would require customization.


Social: Provide social media links allow users to email content recommendations

  • Enables site follow links (for RSS feed as well as numerous social services).
  • Adds Facebook, Twitter and email links on selected content types.
  • Which services are used and the content types they are applied to are simple configurations.
  • Adding more social media linkages for example a Facebook block of latest activity would require custom configuration.


WYSIWYG: Provide a "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) editor for easily formatting text including input formats, with different versions per user role

  • The text editor allows different levels of users (defined by their roles) different formatting ability. The public format allows simple formatting and adding links, while the editor format allows complex image manipulation, addition of tables, etc.
  • Additional user formats or formatting options would require customization.


Design elements


Home page: Basic layout for the home page including highlighted slideshow, recent articles and blog posts,  and media carousel

  • If the Debut Highlighted feature is enabled, the upper portion of the homepage will be a slideshow.  Up to five images with a related two to three sentence kicker and a link to a section of the website will rotate in a slideshow view.The next part will feature the two most recent pieces of content (of the type article, blog or event) that are marked “promoted to front page” showing an image, the title and a teaser.  Below this just the title will appear for the next eight promoted pieces of content.
  • Below this is a carousel with the 9 most recent multimedia files marked “promoted to front page” displayed.
  • The final two sections will show the five most recently posted articles and blog posts that are marked “promoted to the front page”, displaying only the title as well as a more link.
  • Moving elements around on the home page is reasonably straightforward configuration of the home page panel. Adding blocks if they already exist is also easy configuration, for example adding the “Upcoming events” block that is produced by the Event feature.
  • Adding other items to the home page may require the creation of new views and therefore would be custom work, as would be overhauling the whole design.


Outreach theme: Default theme for Open Outreach

  • The theme determines the overall look of a Drupal site.
  • The Outreach theme is based on AdaptiveTheme and is fully responsive for use on tablet and mobile devices.
  • Outreach comes with a number of predetermined colour choices or site builders can create their own colour palette.
  • Simple configuration options are available for changing font and font size.
  • Logo and favicon are easily uploaded.
  • Beyond the options presented as configurable theme settings, alterations would require custom work.


Other themes:

  • Many other themes are available for use, some of which come with an Open Outreach install or you can choose another Drupal 7 theme and download it.
  • Some themes give you a wide range of configuration options, but others will be “as is” requiring customization for any modification.
  • Themes will vary in how well they will work with Open Outreach and use of other themes will require some customization to place blocks in correct regions, for example.