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Feature rich websites for nonprofits

Open Outreach provides an out of the box, feature rich website for nonprofits built off the free Drupal software.

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Grow your mission with Open Outreach

Use Open Outreach as a tool to move forward your group's mission. See how others are using this open source tool to create powerful messages.

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Join Open Outreach and help to create a community of users in which groups can assist other groups, resources can be pooled for adding new functionality and we can all learn from each other.

Winding down Open Outreach

As of May 21, 2018 we have marked Open Outreach as minimally maintained and with no further new development. As we have previously announced, for the Drupal 8 cycle we have been focusing our volunteer effort on working collaboratively with a larger group to develop the new Drutopia ecosystem of distributions and related organizational structure.

We have recently relaunched the Drutopia website built on our alpha5 release of the base Drutopia distribution. We continue to work to get to a beta release and also to launch our hosted platform and co-op.

Our development is happening on gitlab where you can find what we are currently working on and the milestones we are working towards. You can also see our current roadmap.

We will continue to update Open Outreach for security releases of core and other contributed modules and will do somewhat less frequent releases to ensure that other modules are as up-to-date as possible without wading into time consuming upgrade fixes. We have also discontinued our forum as we can no longer support that.

Through the Drupal 7 cycle we've posted close to 50 full stable releases of Open Outreach--more than all but a tiny handful of other Drupal distributions. The work that we've put in - almost entirely in kind - has helped hundreds of organizations meet their communication and engagement needs.

We have appreciated those who have taken the time to acknowledge the work we have undertaken. When you decide it is time to move to a Drupal 8 site, we hope you’ll consider Drutopia and join us as we move to create a platform coop that is owned by the member users it serves.

Web technology that works for your group

The Open Outreach distribution allows small nonprofits and grassroots movements to quickly, easily and affordably create a dynamic website. Harnessing the power of the open source content management system Drupal, Open Outreach provides groups with a leg up in website development by preconfiguring the areas of functionality that groups often need to effectively showcase their work and engage their constituency.

Open Outreach includes a rotating slideshow for the homepage, events calendar with repeating date functionality, blog content type with an associated author bio, basic social media integration and comment handling, mapping tools using OpenLayers and a contact management system using RedHen CRM.

We invite you to explore the various features of Open Outreach, try it out and get involved in this growing community project.

Announcing Drutopia

Drutopia is an initiative within the Drupal project that prioritizes putting the best online tools into the hands of grassroots groups. By embracing the liberatory possibilities of free software and supporting people-centred economic models, Drutopia aims to revolutionize the way we work and cooperate.

Drutopia is at once an ethos of Drupal development and a fresh take on Drupal distributions for users to build upon, all based in a governance model that gives users a large role in the direction of the project.

Read the complete blog post on the Chocolate Lily website.

In-depth interview with Open Outreach co-founder

Tag1 Consulting has recently posted an in-depth interview with Open Outreach co-founder and Tag1 team member Nedjo Rogers. In a wide ranging interview, Nedjo shares how he started with Drupal, why he co-founded Open Outreach, his views on Drupal 8 and his growing concern with the corporatization of the Drupal project.

Read the full interview.

Who's using Open Outreach

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Mining Justice Action Committee (MJAC) members are united by concerns that many Canadian mining companies are responsible for human rights violations, social degradation and environmental crimes around the world.
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